Carver Skateboards - 42" Platypus CV Complete

  • £260.00

The 42 Platypus is a symmetrical bottom mount cutaway deck with large functional kicks nose, tail and deep wheel wells.

The 7 ply deck is light, the wheelbase is short for it's length so this board is meant to pop, shove and flip.
While it's taller than a dropped deck, the trucks mount without risers directly to the wood for a low profile, and the design of the cutaways means there will never be any wheelbite.

Works only with CV Top-Mount

Deck Specs:
9 1/6" wide
4 1/2" tail
4 1/2" nose
28 3/4" wheelbase

Set Up:
Front Truck - 7.5" CVTM
Back Truck - 7.5" CVTM
Griptape Style - Cut Away
Stock Wheels - 75mm/81A Oxblood Mags
Bearings - Black Deep-V

CV Trucks

This truck has been in development for years, the dark little secret we've been testing and perfection with our friends. It's the traditional 50 degree RKP (Reverse King Pin) truck that we critiqued on a micro level and fIxed all the bugs. The straighter kingpin eases the rail a bit so you get a smoother range with fIrmer bushings, which stiffens up the center so pushing and speed are stabilized. The softer rail makes these trucks great hill carvers, and makes initiating a slide easier.


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