Astrodeck T-Shirt - Wave Warriors - Take Off

  • £23.99

"Looking over the thousands of images I've taken over the years - and having to pick just a couple - was a very difficult task for me. I've always thought that having the opportunity to work and film great watermen was a true honor and pleasure for which I'm sincerely grateful for.  

These are the mountains of water that only the Wave Warriors have mastered. When you're standing on the beach, looking through the lens, there's so much energy happening.

The sand is shaking under foot, the salt is so thick in the air that you have to constantly wipe the lens, the sound of the waves breaking, and the masses of water moving... these are all things that are unique only to the surf community and that is rarely understood by those in the outside world." - Herbie Fletcher

Exclusive Wave Warriors Series
Image by Herbie Fletcher
Colour: White
Made from 100% cotton

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