Waxy Wax - Coloured Surf Wax - Violet

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Waxy Wax is taking the surf board wax market by storm.
A high performance surf wax with well formed bumps , super stickiness and awesome texture and consistency.
Waxy Wax is 100% non toxic and does not stain.

Waxy Wax is not just the perfect surfboard wax, with well formed lumps, the right amount of stickiness, and the variance needed for your water temperatures, but it is also part board decoration. Waxy Wax comes in a superb range of neon colours including pink, orange, electric blue and loads more. Just clean your stock and customize your wax job. Waxy Wax surf wax offers you endless deck design possibilities.

The original and best selling coloured wax worldwide!

Temperature guide:-

COLD – sub 15°c / 60°f
COOL – 14~19°c / 58~68°f
WARM – 19~28°c / 64~74°f
TROPICAL/BASE – above 24°c / 75°f

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