Slyde Handboards - The Phish - Carbon Rocket

  • £169.99

To be a titan the dictionary states one has to be gigantic in size or power, one that stands out for greatness of achievement. This only touches on what the Titan is to Slyde and handboarding.

First we broke the mould by creating the Carbon Fiber handboards. Now we have blown the door wide open again with the most hi-tech material to be ever used on a handboard our textured TPU is So strong it defies logic, this is the true marriage of technology and water sports like nothing before!


Built for speed and smoothness. Great for intermediate riders.

Performs best in medium to large surf or fast breaking waves.

TPU flak jacket high pressure laminate outer layer technology for insane added strength.

High-density Urethane Foam core for perfect match of lightness and strength.

Reinforced resin hardened rails to reduce rail damage.

Slyde patent pending embedded "never come out" screw strap inserts.

Extra safe GoPro mount insert comes standard, for endless selfies.

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