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Developed in Hawaii with input from world renowned pros such as Mark Cunningham and Brian Keaulana. DaFin combines unparalleled comfort with exacting construction to create a swim fin that performs under the most extreme conditions.


Form Meets Function

The side rails --- the “strakes”--- on DaFin are rock solid but run only about half way down the length of the fin where they angle back to the blade. This forces the fin to flex right at this critical point.

The raised v-shaped foot pocket combined with a stiff blade working together at the point of flex creates maximum acceleration of the water flowing over the fin surface resulting in more thrust per kick with less effort.

For such a powerful fin, it is unusually light in weight. DaFiN floats in the ocean and there is no right or left foot difference so DaFin can be worn on either foot.


The Waterman's Fin 

DaFin is the #1 choice of lifeguards, bodysurfers, and top watermen around the world and is standard issue equipment for more than 60 municipal lifeguard and surf rescue agencies in the USA. The United States Lifeguard Assocation endorses DaFin as their official Swim Fin and the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association has made DaFin standard issue equipment for its guards for since 1998.

Mark Cunningham - DaFin is the only swim fin I use both professionally and for recreation. Power and comfort are the two utmost things I need in a pair of fins. DaFin delivers on both and more.

Jack McCoy - Mark Cunningham put me into a pair of Da Fin in the late 90's. I've never looked back. I've used the same pair ever since. Everyone that I've turned onto them has been stoked. Thank you for creating what I feel is THE BEST FIN IN THE WORLD!

Brian Keaulana - DaFin has come up with a design that totally suits my needs in ocean situations. Flexibility and strength are the two utmost things I need in a pair of fins. DaFin has both and more.



Kicks fins are high performance bodyboarding fins based on a slight modification of DaFin's patented design technology. Kicks fins feature the exact same foot pocket design as DaFin.

Kicks fins are the premiere bodyboarding fin for Hawaii's heaviest waves. The Aka Lyman design is perfect for drop knee but Kicks also powers prone riders with its unique flex design and high quality construction featuring multiple all natural rubber durometers for a natural feel in the water.

Kicks has the most comfortable foot pocket of any fin on the market. Light weight, floats in the ocean. No right or left foot difference. Choose from a wide selection of colors to fit your style!

DaFin Products | DaFin HQ Website