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Taylor Knox


Although best known for their unique range trucks, Carver offer a huge range of boards, a perfect ride for everyone, from the pocket-size 25.5" Tye Stick micro-shredder to the 42" Platypus freeride king.

 Carver skateboards are 100% made in the USA to the highest standards, using the best materials & manufacturing methods.

Carver Skateboards Range

The C7 Truck

C7 -The latest model in our signature series, all of our years of riding and research have been put into this Patented surfing machine. The extra lateral movement of this front truck loosens up the nose of the board for unprecedented snap, and it drives you forward with every pump. The smooth arm rotation rides on a 1 5/8" precision thrust bearing set, and the heavy-duty internal spring has a wide range of tension adjustment so you can thoroughly customize the feel of your ride.

If you want a surfboard you can ride on pavement, this is the truck you put on it. The narrower 5.0" hangar is great for smaller boards and retro-vintage style longboards, and feels slightly tighter rail-to-rail than our wider 6.5" model.

Carver Skateboards

The CX & CV

The CX - with its unique transverse kingpin, which blends the surfy feeling of the C7 with that of a traditional skateboard truck; but still giving a sharp turn, easy pump & lateral thrust. The Patented transverse kingpin geometry of this front truck is what makes it so maneuverable, not any special components - just the standard couple of castings, a kingpin and some bushings, but you can pump it for speed like a C7. It's as light as a standard truck & more stable than the C7 so it's ideal for the skater who wants to get the surfing feel of a looser nose but also wants the familiarity of a more traditional ride.

The CV - this truck has been in development for years, the dark little secret we've been testing and perfection with our friends. It's the traditional 50 degree RKP (Reverse King Pin) truck that we critiqued on a micro level and fIxed all the bugs. The straighter kingpin eases the rail a bit so you get a smoother range with fIrmer bushings, which stiffens up the center so pushing and speed are stabilized. The softer rail makes these trucks great hill carvers, and makes initiating a slide easier.

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